Our Services

We will work with clients to understand their business needs and priorities, identifying safety, security and business resilience solutions that fit into their business goals, following best practice and security standards. Our services include:

Development of Security Policies, Procedures & Plans that that are current, relevant and compliant with industry standards to meet your business needs and underpin security delivery.

Audits - having agreed the scope of works, a methodical approach will follow that examines policies and procedures, a site survey and consultation with key personnel that will produce proportionate and cost-effective solutions

Risk Assessments - we will work with you to review the threats you might be facing, including their likelihood and impact and to identify mitigation strategies and future management of those.

Development of New Buildings – we work with owners, developers, architects and key stakeholders to identify current and emerging risks and threats, their impact and likelihood and offer mitigating solutions

Incident Reviews - we have experience of conducting investigations and reviews of security related incidents that have led to the implementation of new procedures and building changes

Tender Processes – our extensive understanding of client requirements and the delivery of service providers will enable the provision of a cost effective and appropriate security service to meet today’s challenges.

Penetration Tests – we work with clients to develop realistic scenarios that test their security response, the evaluation takes into account effectiveness of procedures and examines opportunities for improvement.

Business Continuity Planning – working with the client we will conduct a GAP analysis to assist development. We will work with the appointed Champions to deliver Business Impact Analysis, team level BCPs and associated education, awareness, training, testing & exercising of the plans.
Emergency Preparedness and Incident Response Planning - a comprehensive plan giving clear guidance for responding to emergency situations and the creation of an Emergency Response Team with clear roles and responsibilities.

Fire Marshal Training –we will provide comprehensive site-specific training increasing employee awareness enabling them to respond confidently to a fire incident

Fire Evacuation Planning – we will work with clients to produce operational plans taking account of the fire strategy and response of building management and emergency services

Event Planning – our experience in producing successful plans for Royal visits and significant protest events will benefit in minimising disruption, protecting reputation and providing reassurance.